HOW IT WORKS:Each recipe is divided into four sections:

“Morning Ingredients”    :     “Evening Ingredients”    :    “Morning Directions”    :     “Evening Directions”

You will start dinner in the morning using “Morning Ingredients” and “Morning Directions”.  This will only take about 5 minutes.  You will finish making dinner in the evening using “Evening Ingredients” and “Evening “Directions”.   This will only take about 10 minutes.  Perfect for working chaps, busy parents or people who just hate to spend much time cooking.  The idea that your meat is already cooking in the crock pot, or your veggies are time-baking in the oven motivates you to finish the rest in the evening.  Just wave-off all those fast-food drive-thrus as you rush home to the smell of roasting chicken in your own kitchen.  

 TIP ONE: To make your dinner in 15 minutes, explain to everyone that you’re trying out some speedy recipes and need a full 5 and 10 minutes.  No negotiating.  No interrupting.  They can wait 10 minutes.  Why not play “Beat the Clock” with them?  Set the timer and  see if they can set the table faster than you can get dinner ready.  

TIP TWO: You must follow the directions exactly to get it done in 5 and 10 minutes. To make this easier, you can click the boxes to cross off each direction as you complete them. Put your water on to boil first, then cut the chicken while the water is heating,  If you reverse it your water will not be ready before the time is up.  It all fits together like a puzzle.  Use an electric griddle if it’s called for, not a pan on the stove, because a griddle is larger and can cook it all at once. Use match-stick carrots if called for, not baby carrots, or they will not be thin enough to cook quickly.  You get the picture…have fun.  Can you change the recipes?  Of course!  It’s your kitchen. If the 5 or 10-minute limit is not your biggest concern, go for it.

TIP THREE: These recipes are designed for a family of 4 or 5.  If your family is larger, you will need to increase the serving sizes accordingly and the recipe may take  a few minutes longer, but hey, 18 minutes is still pretty darn impressive!  Just hover over the serving sizes and we’ll save you time by adjusting them for you, because more time with your family is just that important to us. 

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