What is time-bake?

What do you mean by:   Place in oven and set time-bake to bake at 350 for 40 minutes with end time being when you want to eat.”

Most ovens have a “Time-Bake” or “Delay” setting.   This means you can put something in the oven, and tell it to turn on later rather than now.  Most ovens have this feature, but you may have never used it. Unsure if your oven has this feature?  Look for buttons that say “Delay Start”, “Delay”, “Start Time”, “Stop Time” or “Cooking Time”.  If you have such a button, congratulations!  You can put your vegetables in the oven before work and tell your oven to start cooking while you’re still away and you will come home to your dinner already cooked.  NOTE:  These recipes NEVER use the Delay setting for perishable foods such as meat or dairy.  Perishable foods should never be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

The most effective way to learn how to set your oven on Delay-Bake is to consult the manual.  Using the oven’s brand name and model number (most likely found on the inside of the oven door) you can do a google search for the online owner’s manual.  In addition, you can often find a phone number on the inside of the oven door if you want  to ask a representative.  But if you’re like us, and just want to play around with it, it’s not difficult.  Turn the oven on.  Choose your temperature.  Then press “Delay Start” or “Delay” or “Start Time”, etc.  The oven will then ask you two questions–how long you want your food to cook and what time you want the food to either start cooking or stop cooking.  Your oven controls will let you know which question to answer–if it says “End time” enter what time you want the cooking to stop.  If it says “Start time” enter what time you want the cooking to start.  Practice at home until you get it right. Set your oven to start 2 minutes into the future and to cook for 2 minutes, then sit back, pull out some popcorn and watch the magic happen!

If you ‘re still unsure how to use the time-bake on your specific oven, you can always look up a How-To video on You-Tube. Here is one that might be helpful:

Can I make substitutions?

Absolutely.  Every choice we make to create these recipes is to help you make dinner in 5 and 10 minutes.   Would you like to use brown rice instead of instant rice?  Go for it!  You may not be able to do it in 5 and 10, but if you don’t care, neither do we.  Would you like to peel and cut your own carrots and save money?  Do it!  It may take you 15 instead of 10, but we won’t tell!

Can I double the recipe?

Triple it if you like!  These recipes are designed for the average family of 4 or 5, but if you’re blessed with a large family like us, you’ll want to double the recipes. They may take a bit longer when you double them, but not by much.

Why did it take me longer than 5 or 10 minutes?

Was it your first time to make the recipe? Did you have to hunt a bit for equipment or ingredients?  If so, cut yourself some slack.  Sometimes it may take a few minutes longer to learn the recipe, or reread the directions.  But hey, 15 minutes in the evening is still pretty quick!  Try it again a few more times. If it still takes longer shoot us an email in our “Contact Us” section and let us know how it went, or if you have any other suggestions.

Does hamburger really work in the crock pot?

Hamburger is not traditionally cooked in the crock pot, but after some experimenting, we found it works well for certain recipes.  Try it out.  Ever wonder why fast food taco meat seems different than browning your own on the stove?  When you bake it, then process it in a food processor, it comes out softer and more finely chopped.  We found it to be a fun departure from traditional browning on the stove. It doesn’t work for all recipes, but it does for some–including our 5 and 10 recipes.  It’s moister and holds better to taco shells. But remember it’s your kitchen.  If you prefer to brown it on the stove, go for it!  It just may take more than 5 and 10 minutes.

Do you have videos for your recipes?

In our dreams!  We’re pretty new around here.  But one day we’ll add videos to our recipes and then we’ll be runnin’ with the big dogs!

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